Woodtect Woodstain - Clear


✔Type of film : Clear Gloss / Clear MATT ✔Size: 1 GL.


ชนิดใส เงา ชนิดใส ด้าน

Woodtect Woodstain - Clear

 Woodtect Clear Woodstain is highly water repellant, high performance woodstain, latest technology from USA available in gloss and matt finish. It is used for recoating on previously woodstained work without  darkening the effect. It is especially designed for long term protection of all wood work both exterior and interior; such as Thai style houses, log homes, doors, windows, wooden frames, benches, walls, stair, fences, garden furniture, etc.
Type of film : Clear Gloss / Clear MATT

TypicalCoverage : 70 - 80 sq.m. (1 Gallon) / Applied time : 3 times

Next Coating : in 3 - 4 hours / Full Completed  : 72 hours

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