Dulux Easy Care


✔For Interior ✔Film Type: Sheen



Base A 3935 : White 10YR83/015 : Soft Shadow 10BB83/006 :Atmosphere 50GG71/180 : Ocean Spray

Dulux Easycare 

Dulux Easy Care is a premium interior paint. Produced from high quality acrylic adhesive with "Stainguard" formula, providing high performance in surface coating. easy to wipe clean more resistant to wiping than general cleaning paints can wipe away various dirt In daily life, it can be easily removed without leaving a stain. Even deep stains can be scrubbed. It is available in both smooth and semi-gloss film types. In addition, Dulux Easy Care is able to prevent mold and bacteria, has a mild odor and is low in volatile organic compounds (Low-VOCs).

Coverage: 35 - 40 sq.m. / gallon /coat

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