BegerCool All Plus for Exterior


✔For Exterior ✔Film Type: MATT



E2200 : White E2152 : Barley White E2715 : Portland E2716 : Platinum E2718 : Moon White 015-1 : Ice Age Glacier 019-2 : Blue Luster 030-2 : Bright Spirits 058-1 : Karina 103-2 : Morning Delight

BegerCool All Plus for Exterior

 Pure acrylic paint with excellent adhesion benefits reduces surface problems like peeling effectively. Combined with Microspheres Ceramic technology, it provides heat insulation and reflection for more than 94.2%*. It is the first paint in Thailand to achieve Thai Industrial Standards for solar heat reduction.

Application Area: 35-40 sq.m/gallon/coat

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