4 SEASONS Acrylic Emulsion (Matt)


✔For Interior ✔Film Type: MATT



Base A A1000 : White A2002 : Barley White A5001 : Pearl White A5002 : Portland A5003 : Iris White A5004 : White Swan A4004 : Violet Curtain A6008 : Latte 7323 : Walking on Clouds

4 SEASONS Acrylic Emulsion (Matt)  :

4 SEASONS Matt Emulsion Paint for interior is based on a 100% acrylic emulsion and excellent cover on surface. It can be applied highly coverage. Excellent resistance to fungus and attack alkali on plaster. It is suitable for the decoration and protection of all interior building surface.

Application Area: 35-40 sq.m./ gallon / coat

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