Nippon Paint Weatherbond


✔For Exterior ✔Film Type: Sheen



145 : White 006 : Lily White 523 : Milky White 524 : Twilight Grey 529 : Spanish White OW 1002P : Snow White OW 1072P: Clear Day N 1978P : Pewter Gray N 1817P : Pebble Walk

Nippon Paint Weatherbond 

Beyond all durability, exterior paint, long-lasting protection, non-fading paint, beautiful home paint over time 15+ years with Weatherbond paint technology from Japan. 

Prevent color fading problems , color peeling off problems , durable over time for 15 years +
Reflects up to 95% of solar radiation. Prevent birth Fungi and algae 

Application area: 35 - 40 square meters/gallon/coat

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