Junior 99 Ceiling Paint


✔Economical price, standard quality

Size and Color

เบอร์ 700 : White: 1 กล เบอร์ 700 : White: ถัง (5กล) เบอร์ 800 : Smoke Grey: 1 กล เบอร์ 800 : Smoke Grey: ถัง (5กล)

Junior 99 Ceiling Paint

Special formula acrylic water-based paint, excellent quality, reasonable price, smooth color film, beautiful, durable, easy to use, long-lasting beautiful color.

smooth color film helps to reduce the seam of the ceiling/ It helps to reduce light reflection well.
Protect against mold and algae./ Economical price, standard quality

Package size: 3.5 liters / 17.5 liters
Application area : 7 – 9 square meters/liter/coat

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