TOA Cement Waterproof 2 Part


✔For waterproofing in bathroom, balcony, pool, fish tank and water tank

TOA Cement Waterproof 2 part

TOA 237 Cement Membrane is for plastering, painting, or rolling on any surfaces, such as, plain concrete, precast, and light-weighted concrete. It consists of 2 main parts. These 2 parts when mixed enhance adhesion and is easy-to-use, safe, free from toxic, and able to use with drinking water. Suitable for waterproofing in bathroom, toilet, balcony, pool, fish tank and water tank. (TOA CEMENT WATERPROOF)

Seamless waterproofing system & Bendable film to seal cracks / High adhesion without a need of primer/ Safe & Free from toxics, aligned with standard of Waterworks Authority

Package size: 1 Set 26 kg (Part A 6 kg, Part B 20 kg)

Application Area: 1.5 - 2 kgs / 1 sq.m / coat

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