TOA Wall Shield


✔100% waterproofing on wall, roof, and dec

Size and Colors

White: Gallon (4 Kg) Grey: Gallon (4 Kg) Dark Grey: Gallon (4 Kg) White: Drum (20 Kg) Grey: Drum (20 Kg) Dark Grey: Drum (20 Kg)


100% Acrylic for waterproofing on wall, roof, and deck. TOA Wallshield is a premium acrylic with high flexibility. It is suitable for surface coating to prevent leakage and good solve cracks on concrete wall, concrete roof and deck, balcony, and drain gutter. And it can blocking stain of PU sealant.

100% proof seamless waterproof layer / 3.5 Times higher flexibility / UV resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance from light 

Film Type: Grey, Dark Grey, White

Coverage: 1 kg / sq.m / coat

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