TOA Teak Oil Wood Preservative


✔Prolong wood degeneration from UV light, sunlight and moisture ✔Size: 1 GL.

TOA Teak Oil : Wood Preservative

TOA Teak Oil is formulated from modified oil and special additives. It is suitable for reconditioning of old wood surface to become new. It is anti-mold, anti-insect, high absorption into wood. Paint film prevent water penetration, smooth and no stacked layer.

Film type: Transparent                       Quantity: 1 GL.

Coverage : 22-30 sq.m / gallon / coat 

TOA Teak Oil Wood Preservative

Wood Preservative & High Protection / Transparent & High absorption to wood.
Prolong wood degeneration from UV light, sunlight and moisture. / Anti-mold.
Anti-termite, Anti-snout beetle, Anti-ant and Anti-insect. / Free from dangerous heavy metals Lead & Mercury.

Usage Area
Suitable for exterior wood coating application such as door, window, balcony
fence and furniture. Not recommended for interior wood flooring & wood roofing.

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