TOA Wood Primer T-2000


✔High prevention from wood gum ✔Size: 1 GL.

TOA Wood Primer T-2000
TOA Wood Primer T-2000 is solvent-based primer, formulated from high quality vinyl resin. It is fast-drying, easy to wash and high absorption into wood, top coat and Nitro-Cellulose lacquer as well as Polyurethane (1K & 2K).

Film type:  Transparent                 Quantity: 1 GL.

Coverage: 30-40 Sq.m / gallon / coat

Excellent Wood Protection / Anti-mold Formation
Increasing adhesion between wood & top coat. / Replacement of Shellac.
High prevention from wood gum. /  High prevention from wood burner leverage & Smooth film.
Enhancing top coat gloss. / Easy to use, without thinner needed.
Easy to apply & Fast-drying. / Free from dangerous heavy metals Lead & Mercury.
Transparent Wood Protection 

Suitable for interior wood application as a primer for real wood and plywood
with beautiful texture/grain such as parquet and wood furniture.

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