TOA Clear Matt Lacquer T-5500


✔Transparent film & Highlighting wood texture


1 GL. Drum (5 GL)

TOA Clear Matt Lacquer T-5500
TOA Clear Matt Lacquer T-5500 is formulated from Nitro-Cellulose, resin and bio-based plasticizer. It is suitable for interior wood application. Paint film is fast-drying, high gloss and highly adhesive with real wood and plywood with texture/grain.

Film type: Matt
Quantity: 1/4 GL., 1 GL., 5 GL.

TOA Clear Matt Lacquer T-5500

Value-to-money & High Concentration / High concentration & Mixed with thinner to give high coverage area.
Fast-drying & Matt finishing. / Flexible film Reducing crack.
Transparent film & Highlighting wood texture/grain.
Safe with European Standard EN71 Free from 8 dangerous heavy metals.

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