TOA GLIPTON High Gloss Enamel


✔For Wood and Metal ✔Film Type: High Gloss ✔Size 1 Gal.


G100: White G160: Yellow G175: Buttecup G177: Sunspot G252: Scarlet G255: Red Dragon Pastel G275: Orange G278: Royal Wood G359: Deep Blue G370: Neo Blue G372: River Blue G411: Delta Brown G412: Clay Bake G463: Coral Red G464: Suede G465: Cocoa Brown G576: Lawn Green G581: Machine Green G600: Heron Grey G684: Pastel Grey G685: Hudson Grey G688: Grey G800: Black G1000: Silver Bronze

TOA GLIPTON High Gloss Enamel

High quality oil paint With superior enamel finish From high intensity formula. The color is very special. Make your skin look like a mirror from the mirror. More space Ready to protect the surface. And withstand extreme weather conditions as well. They are also safe for health. And the environment Because free from hazardous substances, such as Mercury and lead.

Application Area: 50-60 sq.m / gallon / coat

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