Nippon Paint Vinylex All in One (Semi Gloss)


✔Quick Dry, for all surfaces ✔Size 1 GL.


S900 : White S914 : Black S001 : Red S002 : Yellow S003 : Green S004 : Blue S133 : Bronze S908 : Orange S910 : Brown S912 : Grey

Nippon Paint Vinylex All in One

Topcoat and anti-rust primer Nippon Paint Vinilex All in 1 is a multi-purpose coating. It can be applied immediately without the use of anti-rust paint, can be applied on all surfaces, can be both painted steel Galvanized paint Aluminum paint, cement paint, wood paint, plastic paint, PVC, etc., durable, resistant to weather conditions, smooth paint film Not easy to yellow, fast drying, excellent surface cover Suitable for both exterior and interior work, finishing work quickly, saving labor costs and working time.

Application Area: 40-45 square meters/gallon/coat

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