Beger WoodStain Gloss


✔For Both Exterior and Interior Wood ✔Size: 1 Gal


G1900: Transparent G1901: Golden Teak G1902: Premium Teak G1903: TEAK G1904: Afromosia G1905: Red Wood G1909: Mahogany

ฺBeger Woodstain

Beger's No.1 wood coating has been trusted by carpenters and technicians for a decade. It is ideal for both exterior and interior wood surfaces, providing protection against degenerated wood, peeling paint, fungi, and insects. Beger WoodStain effectively prolongs the lifespan of wood in all weather conditions, blocks UV rays. (Note: Coating the wood floor is not allowed.)

Application Area :70-80 sq.m/gallon/coat

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