BegerShield GRIPTECH 2IN1 Gloss


✔Fast- drying ✔Able to use with metal and PVC ✔Size 1 GL.


BR100 : White BR175 : Butter Cup BR178 : Flambeau BR255 : Red Dragon BR370 : Neo Blue BR463 : Coral Red BR465 : Cocoa Brown BR686 : Banff Blue BR687 : Pewter BR800 : Black

BegerShield GRIPTECH 2 IN 1

Very high gloss finish / No anti-rust primer or wash primer needed
No yellowing problem / Ready to use without thinner
Fast-drying with 10 minutes (surface drying)
Be able to use with various surfaces e.g. metal, steel, galvanize, zinc plating metal, metal sheet, tile, wood, fiber cement, or PVC/ABS plastic.

Film Type: High gloss and matt
Application Area: 50-60 sq.m/gallon/coat

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