TOA FIBERSTAIN ULTIMATE DeckingStain Opaque Semi-Gloss


For both interior and exterior


DC100 : White DC200 : Red Wood DC300 : Oak DC400 : Walnut DC201 :Rustic DC500 : Almond DC800 : Mission Brown DC600 : Teak DC900 : Black DC700 : Mahogany

TOA FIBERSTAIN ULTIMATE DeckingStain Opaque Semi-Gloss

Water-based Fiberstain Topcoat for decking is suitable for both interior and exterior including fibercement and all types of solid wood.

TOA FIBERSTAIN ULTIMATE DeckingStain is 100% authentic acrylic water-based paint which composed of premium grade acrylic emulsion. The properties of this product are excellent UV and weathering resistance, high flexibility, good waterproof, good scrub resistance, good adhesion on fibercement and solid wood.

Film type: Opaque Semi-Gloss
Quantity: 1 GL.​

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