Nippon Paint Vinylex Acrylic for Interior


✔For Interior ✔Film Type: MATT



145 : White T123 : Milky Grey NP OW 1087 P: Gray Drops NP N1984 P : Gray Prose NP OW1060 P: Sprizzle

Nippon Paint Vinylex Acrylic for Interior

True acrylic paint quality beyond industry standards at various leading projects, confidently choosing to use for more than 50 years.

Eliminate and inhibit viruses and bacteria on the walls. (See the catalog for more information.)
Resistant to all conditions Helps the color film to be durable for a long time.
Prevent the occurrence of mold and algae.
Safe and free from mercury and lead. Safe for everyone in the family

Application Area: 30 - 35 square meters/gallon/coat

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