Nippon Paint 3-in-One


✔For Interior and Exterior ✔Film Type: Semigloss



Ext 122: White Ext 123 : Lemon Drop Ext 134 : Peach Ext 138 : Pine Frost Ext 143 : Spanish White Ext 147 : Magnolia

Nippon Paint 3in1

Flexible acrylic water-based paint made from special flexible acrylic. It has the property of being resistant to stains better than general paints. excellent surface coverage color film does not peel off Beautiful shade, long lasting. Free from mercury and lead And protect various problems comprehensively with 3 special features in one

Cover stretch marks with a completely flexible paint film/ Prevent water seeping into the wall with dense molecular particles./ Can be wiped clean without deteriorating the color film.

Application Area: 18 - 22 square meters/gallon/coat

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