4 SEASONS Acrylic Emulsion (Matt)


✔Exterior and Interior ✔Film Type: Matt



Base A A1000 : White A2002 : Barley White A5001 : Pearl White A5002 : Portland A5003 : Iris White A5004 : White Swan

TOA 4 SEASONS Acrylic Emulsion (Matt):

4 SEASONS Matt Emulsion paint for exterior and interior. The high quality 100% acrylic emulsion a combination of rutile titanium pigment and selected fade resistant colors blended with a mildew inhibitor for mildew control. It gives performance of washability, UV protection, low dirt pick up on film, anti fungus and algae resistance. It contains no added lead and mercury.

Application Area: 35-40 sq.m./ gallon / coat

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