BegerShield AirFresh Anti-Virus Gold iON


✔Interior Paint ✔Film Type: Semi-gloss



White 016-2 : Miss Belle 017-1 : Blue Cascade 034-2 : Bountiful Bay 053-2 : Spring Fresh 057-2 : Moonlight Melody 099-2 : Rich Cream 135-1 : Baltic Black 143-1 : Grand Forks 177-3 : Pleasant Peach

BegerShield AirFresh Anti-Virus Gold iON

Thailand's No.1 best interior paint* The one and only paint with Gold Ion Technology, that can be anti-microbial on the wall for a lifetime e.g. Human Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 and Omicron), H1N1, bacterias**. Purify air quality with the unique Photocatalyst technology. Odorless, ready to move within 5 minutes (after the paint completely dries). Washable and scrub resistance up to 400,000 times**  

Film Type: Semi-Gloss
Application Area: 31 - 38 sq.m./gallon/coat

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