Nippon Paint Air Care


✔For Interior ✔Absorb formaldehyde



145 : White 001: Bluebell White 003G: Orchid White 006 : Lily White OW 1019P : Soft Pulp OW 1069P : Slight Wift OW 1072P : Clear Day OW1084P : White Concrete N 1978P : Pewter Gray

Nippon Paint Air Care

Able to absorb formaldehyde (Formaldehyde) that causes irritation to the eyes, skin.
Removes 99.96% of the corona virus on color film and 99.99% of the influenza virus on color film.
Inhibits the spread and growth of viruses and bacteria
Safe without harmful volatile substances, Zero VOCs, odorless while applying.
Free from mercury and lead Safe for everyone in the family
Excellent cleaning ability

Application Area: 35 - 45 square meters/gallon/coat

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