Nippon Paint Hybrid Shield Interior(Matt)


✔For Interior ✔Film Type: Matt



145 : White 001 : Bluebell White 003G : Orchid White 006 : Lily White OW 1019P : Soft Pulp OW 1069P : Slight Wift OW 1072P : Clear Day OW 1084P : White Concrete N 1978P : Pewter Gray

Nippon Paint Hybrid Shield for interior (Matt)

Eliminate and inhibit viruses and bacteria on the walls. (See the catalog for more information.)
Can be wiped clean without deteriorating the color film
Covers the surface well, making the surface smooth and beautiful.
Prevent the occurrence of mold and algae.
Mild odor, low volatile, safe and free from mercury and lead.

Application Area: 35 - 40 square meters/gallon/coat

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