KOBE Gloss Enamel


✔Gloss Enamel ✔Size 1 GL.


K500 : White K555 : Black K204 : Lemon Yellow K205 Sun Flower K207 : Signal Red K208: Red Brown K210: Chocolate K214 : Flash Green K219 ; River Blue K220 : Deep Blue K221 : Light Grey K222 : Silver K223: Opal Gray

KOBE Gloss Enamel

Kobe Gloss Enamel is based on high quality alkyd resin and specially formulated to give excellent gloss, good color retention and durability with rust resisting property. Suitable for booth exterior and interior on all types of surface such as wood, metal hardboard and properly primer concrete.

Coverage: 45-50 sq.m. / gallon / coat

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