TOA Lacquer Primer Surfacer


✔White and Grey Primer

Size and Color

PF#088 : Grey Primer : 1 GL. PF#088 : Grey Primer : Drum 5 GL. PF#099 : White Primer : 1 GL. PF#099 : White Primer : Drum 5 GL.

TOA Lacquer Primer Surfacer

TOA Grey Lacquer Primer Surfacer Fast Dry is formulated from Nitro-Cellulose, alkyd resin and high quality color pigments. Paint film is fast dry, easy to scrub, smooth and highly adhesive to many kinds of surface such as real wood, plywood, MDF board and metal.

Fast-drying & Easy to scrub.
High concentration & Able to cover sandpaper scrub.
Smooth & Thick paint film.
Free from dangerous heavy metals Lead & Mercury.

Film type: Matt

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