✔Quick drying Primer and Topcoat ✔Size 1 GL.


GF888: Flat Black GF222 : Flat White GFGrey ::Grey Oxide GFRed :: Red Oxide

TOA GLIPTON 2IN1 topcoat and anti-rust primer in one

With Innovative Superior Acrylic Resin, TOA GLIPTON 2IN1’s ultra-durable formulation provides strength and weather resistant capabilities. Additionally, it is more effective rust prevention without applying primer and penetrates deeply into the surface, which makes strong adhesion, especially on glossy surfaces. It offers super-fast drying, easy application and touch up.
TOA GLIPTON 2IN1 is suitable for both exterior and interior on all types of metal surfaces including carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, glossy steel and also can be applied on wood, fibercement, PVC and UPVC.

Application Area: 40-45 sq.m / gallon / coat

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